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Weekly News

November 3, 2019

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From the Pastor:

We are blessed to live in a great community!  Most of you are aware of the search efforts for Dale McCeig Monday and Tuesday.  First Responders and volunteers worked tirelessly in the cold until Dale was located Tuesday after lunch.  Many prayed, businesses furnished food and warm drinks, several searched on horseback, and many walked through rough terrain for hours.  I know that several from Calvary were involved and I am very proud of them.   All in all, it was a great and successful effort blessed by our Lord who hears our prayers!

Church News:

Men's Pheasant Hunt is December 10-13. Signup is available on the church bulletin board. See Bro Shelby for more details.

CBSM News:

(From Devin) I hope you realize how much you mean to us. You will always be our Calvary family. I hope you realize the impact you’ve made on me and my family. I hope. I hope because of Christ. I love because of Christ. And Christ has created a bond between you guys and us that will never be broken. I love you all. I pray for you all. And the prayer that I had four and half years ago remains true today and tomorrow...May God Be Glorified in Calvary Baptist Church.

Wednesday Night Menu for Kids- 

November 20th: Sloppy Joes and Chips

Prayer Requests:

Dale McCeig, Hank Roper, Jaxon Diguilio, LLyod Barker, Cynthia Pruitt, Richie Buck, Shelly Allen, Chris Chapman, Doris Myers, Kathy Beaver, Bob Estes, Jean Walker, Diane Griffin, Allan Wood, Jackie Gagliano, Jimmy Osmond, Judy Baker, Shelia Judkins, Bryant McLeod, Harold Massey, Ed Johnson, Curtis Red, Charles & Sherry Burks, Judy Boss, Blake Belt, Daniella Grecu, Nelma Dosser, Irving Fisher,Danny Cockerell, Cecilia Keeney, Tony & Jan Allen, Darlene Barker, Ann Barker, Robert Cochran, Brandon Cavendar, Tami White, Gloria Minchew, Bobby & Edna Rutherford, Bernie Leader, Stetson Wren, Emma Alewine, Joyce Jackson, Charlie Jordan, JoAnn DeMoss, Cina Culwell, Betty Bosley, Georgia Lancaster, Elwood Stuckey, Kaydence Neyland, Judy McLerran, Pearl Hathcox, Evelyn Jones, Kenneth Key, Joann Phillips, Deward Mullen, Alec Paterson, Johnnie Pye, Marie Richardson, Guinn Sweet, Alice Bonner, George Patterson, Terry Ezell, Jake Pickens, Joyce Webb, Jim Coleman, Haley Klepper