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Published May 27, 2020 for Sunday, May 31st

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The Lord is a great and loving God. In fact, He is the one and only true God and creator of all things. In His great love for you and the entire world He sent His only Son to be the atonement for all sin. His way was the only way. By His grace and mercy we can stand before Him uncondemned. And, we are forgiven our trespasses and sin forever.
Think about what the Lord has done and is doing for you. Ponder it every day and be thankful. He handled and defeated sin and provided a means for all believers to be reconciled unto Him. His Spirit lives within us and is with us every day! You are never alone nor forgotten. Truly amazing! Praise His blessed name. Only in Jesus is there eternal life.

We enjoyed our Sunday morning service last Sunday and there were more folks that were able to be here for worship. We will continue with Sunday morning 10:45am services and Wednesday evening 7:00pm services only until at least the Monday, May 18th. Then, depending on new or changed guidelines, we will adjust as needed.

We do have an ample supply of hand sanitizer at or near every entry door. Face masks/face-coverings and gloves are not required but you are welcome to wear them.

There will not be Sunday school, nursery, Children’s Church, or any other gatherings in the church buildings. As we have been doing for several weeks, we will continue to broadcast the Sunday morning service and our 7:00pm Wednesday night service.

One day this shut down will pass. Until then, be prudent about your health and those around you. Call at any time if you need something or we can be of help to you. Bro Terry




Help Needed: We have a Helping Hands project for Lettye Paterson that will take 3-4 hours (yard clean up). Please contact Tommy Miller (903-390-4749) or Shelby (903-879-1266) if you can help!

Janet and I would like to thank everyone for your kind words on our anniversary. She has put up with me for 41 years!

Calvary’s High School Graduates: Modesto Cortez; Chandler Nobel; Erin Rachel and Ty Wooden. We will recognize them on May the 31st. There will be sacks available for you to share in their joy!

Calvary Prayer Team:  It has been brought to our attention that some of you are not receiving prayer chain emails.  Please everyone, you must add Debbie Green and Linda Mullen as a contact in your email address book.  This helps keep your email carrier from blocking us as spam.   Places like GMAIL have very strict spam blockers. The emails are getting delivered to your account internally, but then GMAIL will block the emails from going into your inbox. Their system does not recognize us as a legitimate emailer.  Please be patient and together we can fix the problem.  If you are not receiving prayer chain emails, and you signed up, please notify Linda and Debbie by text or email.  Also don't forget to add each of us as a contact. Debbie Green:  and Linda Mullen:

Live Feed: We are now streaming live on FaceBook, and YouTube Sunday morning at 10:40 and each Wednesday Night, at 6:55. For those of you who know what we do on Wednesday night, you know that we have prayer requests and praises. So as soon as the Wednesday night program starts you can place, on the live feed, your prayer requests and your praises and we’ll get them announced.

Calvary Web Page: The YouTube connect icon is at the bottom of our web page.  It's also listed as a Resource link on the Links page. This is so you can go back and see a Sunday Morning Service you may have missed.




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