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Published February 12, 2020For Sunday February 16th

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This Sunday morning we look forward to a special guest during the worship hour: Bro Jerry Kidd. Bro Jerry is a former Foreign Missions Director of the Baptist Missionary Association of America. He is no longer a Director but is very much involved with Missionaries and Mission work. You will enjoy his presentation on Sunday ….for sure!

Thanks to the great response for the Hope Center Baby bottles! Remember, all of them need to be turned in by February 16th. This Sunday! Thanks.

Valentine sacks have been set out for you to begin filling with cards, notes, and treats for the NFL. Be a blessing and give them a valentine. A list of their names are available at the church so that you may personalize them. These will be delivered on Friday, 14th, and you are welcome to help deliver them



Missions EmpahsisDuring the month of February we will continue emphasize and pray for Missionaries and Missions in the BMAA. On Sunday, February 23rd, we will receive a “World Mission Day” offering as a part of the morning service. Be prepared as we join in with churches across the land in this special offering.



Since we have been broadcasting our morning worship services, there have been several comments about how much better our broadcast would be if a larger choir was present. Choirs support good congregational singing and are a visual encouragement to those in attendance. The larger the choir, the more ability it has to sing a broader range of songs. Choirs help younger singers develop and improve their musicals gifts given to them by God. A large and diverse choir can present an opportunity of outsiders to be attracted to Calvary.

Medical studies show that singing can improve mental health, instills confidence and creates a sense of belonging. A proper singing session is a wonderful workout for the lungs. The actions of warming up, breathing deeply and opening the diaphragm all oxygenate the blood, creating more white blood cells, which strengthens the whole body.

But most importantly, it’s what God expects us to do. Please consider joining us next Sunday in the choir room immediately after Sunday School and experience the blessing of being a part of Calvary’s choir.

Sight & Sound (Branson, Missouri): The musical “Noah” is returning this year only. If you have not seen this one you’ve missed out. I have places a sigh-up sheet, on the bulletin board for you to sign if you are interested in going. We will figure out the date later when I see you is interested in going. We will decide on a date when we see no one is longer signing up.

Attention Ladies: The time for the annual tea party has been set. The “Hillbilly Tea” will be Saturday, April the 18th from 11 -12. If you would like to sponsor a table sign the list and the five other ladies that will be your guest. If you have any questions you may contact Janet Race.

Adult Choir: I would love to see the choir loft full on Sunday morning and we have started work on our “Easter Cantata”! Practice at 4:45.

Children’s Choir: We’re back to practicing. If you have any questions contact Brother Shelby if you have any questions.



Youth Camp dates are now available for Summer 2020

  • Cho-Yeh: July 9-12
  • Youth Daniel Springs Camp (going into 7th through 12th grade): July 21-24
  • Pre-Teen Daniel Springs Camp (going into 4th through 6th grades): July 7-10

Adult sponsors will be needed for all camps, especially the pre-teen camp. Please consider going as a sponsor with the kids. You will be truly blessed!


February 19, 2020 - Meatballs

Early voting begins February 18 and ends February 28, 2020.
Election Day is March 3, 2020.


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