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Published July 15, 2020 for Sunday July 19th.


The summer of 2020 has come upon us.  We hope you are enduring the Texas heat with no problems.  Endure…. That’s a funny sounding word.  In the Greek language the meaning is to abide, bear up courageously, to tarry, or wait for, or to take it patiently.  Mostly in Texas we just say, “Take it.”


There has been and continues to be much to endure.  We are leaning upon the truth that the Lord never gives more us than we can bare.  In other words, we can endure it…  we can take it….we can bear up with courage.


May we all keep our head up and keep moving forward.  Do not allow the circumstances of today bog you down.  Read the Word and it will lift you up.  Pray for others and their needs and your problems and concerns will fade a bit.


 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.  Jer 33.3


The Sunday morning and Wednesday night schedule remains unchanged.  9:30 am Sunday School and 10:45 worship on Sunday mornings.  Wednesday night begins at 7:00pm for adults and Youth.


Bro Shelby & Janet along with several of our church families are off on vacations.  Pray for them and one another.



Hello parents and students! Calvary SM has a few announcements and requests for Calvary this week.

First, we have an event scheduled for Friday, July 24th – Sunday, July 26th. Arise weekend will consist of host homes for the students Friday and Saturday nights, as well as worship, small groups, games, and community service throughout the weekend. We will conclude the weekend with the Youth Worship team leading the church in worship and myself bringing the message on the 26th.

Secondly, in the event that we have a higher than expected turnout of kiddos we are looking for 2 alternate host homes. One for boys and one for girls. Also, I am asking for volunteers that would be interested in preparing breakfast casseroles for the host homes to cook Saturday morning. Lastly, if you have something the students could manually do to serve you that Saturday we are looking for community service opportunities. There will be sign-up sheets posted on the bulletin board for those that are interested and able to assist.

Love y’all and thank you for the support! God bless. 



Janet & Shelby: We will be on vacation this week. Pray for us as we travel to Colorado and back home. We’ll back with you on Sunday the 26th.

Attention Sanctuary Choir: Since we’re not sure of what tomorrow brings I’m taking songs from past “Christmas Musicals” and making a collection. This way all you have to do is remember and refresh some. Your CD is ready, as well as the sheet music. You can either get it at church Sunday, stop by my office are if you need me to I can mail it to you.

A Special Seat
James never sat in the first-class section of an airplane. But he still held out the hope that someday he would get on the plane and the flight attendant will stop him and say, “Come with me. I have a special seat for you.”

That’s why he was pretty excited when a friend gave his sister some tickets for an event and they realized that they were for box seats. Instead of sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers all around them, they sat in a private compartment where they could see and hear everything perfectly. That evening, they felt privileged and special.

Remember Jesus’ friends, Mary and Martha? Although Martha had the opportunity to enjoy having Jesus as her guest, she soon became frustrated with her sister Mary and overwhelmed with the busyness of her preparations. Certainly understandable to a lot of us! Jesus made it clear to her, however, that sometimes it’s necessary to step away from the unending pressures of life and spend undistracted time with Him. God has given us the opportunity to have personal moments with Him. By taking the time just to be with the Lord, we are fed, refreshed, and renewed.

Jesus commended Mary for taking time to sit and learn at her Savior’s feet (Luke 10:42). As it turned out—she had the best seat in the house!


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