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Weekly News

May 28, 2019

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From the Pastor:

This weekend is a long holiday weekend and Sunday is the first Sunday of the month.  As it is a holiday we will postpone our normal 1st Sunday plans.  Calvary Deacons meeting and the church conference will be on September 8th.  We will follow normal service times for all other ministries and worship schedules.

Prayer Chain Notice:  The telephone calling prayer chain that has been led by Curtis & Linda Red will temporarily be led by Debbie Green or Linda Mullen until Curtis gets back on his feet.  If you have a prayer need please call or text either of these two ladies.  Also, if you would like to receive email prayer chain requests, you can text your email address to these ladies.  At this time prayer requests are sent out by telephone and email – not text.  You may text your request to start the chain. Linda Mullen:  903-390-4176  or 903-389-3167 Debbie Green:  903 644 0238

Speaking on previous years, the Late Summer/Early Fall months typically have been the "peak" time when families have gotten back in church. Have you considered asking your neighbor, your co-worker, the new family in town, your friends, or the people you see at the grocery store if they would like to go to church with you? Have you prayed about how you can be the "hands and feet of Christ" to those around you and how we (me and can be the Church (the Body of Christ) to them?

If you haven't, why not take some time and do that?

We have the unique opportunity to proclaim the Gospel in our walks and talks each day. Let's take advantage and ownership in that, together.

May God be Glorified in Calvary Baptist Church.

Diaper Shower: On Sunday, September the 8th, at 2 pm in the life center there will be a diaper shower honoring Nikki DiGuilio.

Golden Circle: Wednesday, September the 4th Gale Miller will be speaking about “Navajo Indian” Code Talkers. The program is at 11:00 and lunch is 12:00. Come join us!

Men’s Game Night: Thursday the 5th from 7-9. Invite a friend are two. See you then!

Colossians: Starting this Sunday night the 5:30 class will start a study on the book of Colossians. This class meets in the choir room.

CBSM News:

All CBSM ministries are in full swing! As a reminder, doors in the Life Center will open at 6 pm on Wednesday nights, a light meal at 6:30, and classes begin at 7. CBSM JH/HS class begins at 6:45. We ask that all children be picked up by 8:15.

With new student leaders, new students, and a new school year and church year, we will need people to step up and disciple our students. Pray about being that person. Live life with these students.

We will feed the Eagles THIS Friday, August 30th. We will begin cooking some of the breakfast Thursday evening and will begin again around 5am Friday morning. If you can help with this, please see Tommy Miller or myself.

We have a lot of kids that are involved in different school activities. Try and make one of their games or events. You don’t know the impact that could make on a student’s life.

Wednesday Night Menu for Kids- 

August 28th: Corn Dogs and Apple Slices

September 4th: Pizza Night

Prayer Requests:

Ron French, Daniella Grecu, Kerry Don Jones, Georgia Lancaster, Keith Whitaker, Joyce Jackson, Glendale Black, Bryant McLeod, Kay Pigg, Pearl Hathcox, Lloyd Kellum, Evelyn Jones, Charles Burks, Tom Bosley, Tony & Jan Allen,Betty Whitaker, Brandon Cavendar, Joann Phillips, Deward Mullen, Alec Paterson, Curtis Red, Cody McSwane, Alice Bonner, George Patterson, Terry Ezell, Jake Pickens, Joyce Webb, Jim Coleman, Judy McLerran, Kathy Beaver, Blake Belt, Bobby & Edna Rutherford, Haley Klepper, Blake Real, Leahann Spencer, Cecilia Keeney, Gena Aultman, David Kaltenburger, Shirley Anderson, Dale Barker, Guinn Sweet, Johnnie Pye, JoAnn DeMoss, Irving Fisher, Emma Alewine, J C Creath, Betty Bosley, Bernie Leader, Nelma Dosser, Kenneth Key, Billy Vestal, Jarret Paterson, Robert Cochran, Trey Hancock, Cina Barker Culwell, Marie Richardson, Kaydence Neyland, Elwood Stuckey, James Sessions, Verita Davis, Trisha and Stetson Wren, Tami White, Barbara Storey